Garberville – Mendocino

79 miles + 9,108 feet

Trip Notes - We wound our way along the Eel River before heading towards the coast again, to land at the ocean at Fort Bragg, founded prior to the American Civil War. The day’s ride ended at the artist colony of Mendocino where we enjoyed a glass of Mendocino Pinot at the Cal-French restaurant Cafe Beaujolais.

On paper, this day looked like a breeze. But after coming off of one of the hardest riding days of my life (both mentally and physically) I struggled the most on this day. It was cold, rainy, and my body screamed with every movement. 

I stopped at every chance I got: coffee, beer...whatever I could do to take my mind off riding. When we finally arrived in Mendocino, I swore I’d never get back on my bike, but then after beers and nachos followed by an incredible dinner and a few bottles of wine…suffice it to say I forgot my frustrations of the day. We happened onto a great backyard concert and art gallery opening and it reminded me that nine times out of 10, when you don’t want to do something the most is exactly when you need to press through and GO! Good things always come shortly after you're at your lowest point. — Jesse Lenz

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Inspired by the classic brevets of Europe, Randonnées are point-to-point rides run over seven days. This season, Rapha's journeys pass through Europe, the U.S., and Japan. Averaging 130km of mountainous riding per day, Randonnées are fully supported by soigneurs, mechanics, guides and drivers. Rapha Randonneurs will explore the landscape and culture of their host region, ride challenging terrain and experience the camaraderie of these exceptional adventures.

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