Mendocino to Timber Cove

96.7 miles + 12,166 feet

Trip Notes: A tailwind follows us along the picturesque coastline today and we take a few side roads and short deviations along the way before we climb steeply into the heart of the coastal mountains. An inspirational day with remarkably quiet and scenic riding indeed.

Coming into day eight, I decided I was going to focus on my riding and not taking photos. As a photographer, there's always a point that you have to decide whether or not you are going to experience something or document it. I left my camera in my bag and only got off to snap a few iPhone pics when I felt like it was absolutely necessary. This was a day of focused riding I needed to get my mind back in a place that was excited and eager to push my body and mind for the final days.

We ended our journey at the legendary Sea Ranch Lodge. The artistic inspiration of the architecture alone was enough to get my energy level back to an all-time high, but the magical Sonoma coastline has the ability to transport you back to a different time completely. When you are here, there is nothing else on your mind. You can't pull yourself away from the scenery, and the beauty of the the coast demands your attention and imagination.

That night we dined, told stories, and relaxed in a way we hadn't in any other point of the trip. Maybe it's because we knew the trip was almost over, or maybe it was because of the atmosphere, whatever the reason it was a night to remember. —Jesse Lenz

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Inspired by the classic brevets of Europe, Randonnées are point-to-point rides run over seven days. This season, Rapha's journeys pass through Europe, the U.S., and Japan. Averaging 130km of mountainous riding per day, Randonnées are fully supported by soigneurs, mechanics, guides and drivers. Rapha Randonneurs will explore the landscape and culture of their host region, ride challenging terrain and experience the camaraderie of these exceptional adventures.


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