Salad Days

"These are the life-bloods of a disheveled youth who wake, one foot in bed, the other on a board."



BEER, CIGARETTES, TATTOOS AND SCARS. These are the life-bloods of a disheveled youth who wake, one foot in bed, the other on a board. Footpaths sound a rhythmic chink like a freight train coasting into the night. Stoic expressions and taciturn skate sessions - this is their rich tapestry. The skate culture in rural Australia has a strong sense of identity and camaraderie.

Empty fuel tank, skateboards in the back and the last drops of beer drained from the bottle, evening shadows edge across the park, content on another misadventure. Their tendency is to push the body and mind past limits, exploring new ground - this is where they find enjoyment. Insanity lurks around the corner. Beer temporarily unhooks the leash. Professional misbehavers while a dreary town sleeps.

A heightened sense of urgency, the time is now – let me have at it, damn it! Onlookers erupt, adrenaline blasts through the body in an electrified twitch for more. Dopamine and serotonin flood the veins. Do you blame them?

Quiet rural towns offer little in the form of entertainment, a poor man’s sanctuary for those who have the sickening passion to live. Still, the show must go on. And what a time it is to be alive.



James Grundy is a documentary-style photographer currently based in Brisbane, Australia. His introduction to film photography came when a friend gifted him a roll of 35mm Portra 400 film on the eve of his move to New York. There, the boundless photographic opportunities ushered him into a state of catatonic wonder and seeded fresh ideas for future projects. His latest series entitled 'Salad Days' documents regional Australia's skate culture and is a nod to the ephemeral sparks of youth; the ones burning brightest on the dawn of adulthood. For more from James, visit