Gear Essentials : Part 1

Part One : A curated Collection by the Collective Quarterly team

Choosing the right gifts for friends and loved ones can quickly become stressful and overwhelming leading to procrastination and personal disappointment when you ultimately end up ringing the doorbell at your aunt's house, gift cards in hand, feeling like a bit of a gift giving failure. But fear not! Our team has taken the time to share a few of their favorites with you in the hopes of helping you check a few things off your list. Here you'll find a thoughtful collection of gear to provide a little something special for those in your life (and perhaps a little something for you) who definitely deserve it.  


Seth's Picks


Yarai Mixing Glass                 ($32.95)

There is something so satisfying about having a decent home bar set up. This addition will have you on the way to just that in no time.   

Alpine FLZ Trekking Poles             ($140) 

"Terrific, collapsible, and useful in the mountains. Not for sissies in the slightest." Essential for any hiker that enjoys a challenging route.             

Antique Black “Sig” Shirt   ($175)

"I own this and it’s special (woven on wool looms but it’s cotton…crazy feel)." A long-lasting wardrobe staple for dressing up and down.   

Trident Barspoon                               ($18.95)

"For all your stirred booze needs." Nothing like a well stocked home bar with all the right tools in place. A great gift for any cocktail enthusiast.  


Danny's Picks

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones                                 ($78.35)

Good quality headphones are definitely a worthy investment and a gift that everyone will find some use for. They can be a bit pricey, but with quality comes comfort for everyday use.

Aeropress                                                                  ($32)

While it might not be the prettiest of coffee making methods, any coffee enthusiast would be thrilled to receive an aeropress. AND it's one of the most sustainable ways of brewing!                                                    

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel                             Sour mash Bourbon whiskey  

Whether it's a congratulations or a holiday welcome home, quality liquor has always been a timeless gift. When the holidays come around, a true bourbon lover wouldn't hesitate to appreciate this Single Barrel release. 


Alexandra's Picks


Women's walnut Galway Boots  ($489.00)

There is something about riding boots that is irresistible...perhaps the fact that they are all built to last all kinds of weather and adventure. And knee high riding boots?! Yes please!      

Powerstation mini               ($44.95)

A great gift for anyone who enjoys living on the road, in the mountains, or getting lost in the woods. (Especially when you're the one always checking in with them when they forget to!)

Voyage Travel Kit                               ($64.00)

"The voyage travel kit serves as the perfect introduction to the line for the woman on the go. " Always nice to have go-to health and beauty products to encourage spontaneous adventure. 


Check in for more staff picks throughout the holiday season!