Magazines live in the sexy, sweet spot where content and design unite. Many writers and designers are drawn in by this immediate and exciting appeal—seeing their content beautifully on stage for the reader. However, as we've found over the last few years, every day is a challenge to reinvent and redefine. There's a mountain of hard work behind the scenes in order to get the funding, audience, and talent to tell the stories we believe in. In Independence, Jeremy Leslie uncovers the business side of what it’s like working as an independent magazine publisher today.

Leslie asks 12 of the most prominent independent magazine makers questions like, “Why did they decide to make a magazine?” and “What drove them to publish print at a time when most would advise the opposite? Are they driven by the same factors, or are they completely different in their outlook? How are they succeeding while others fail?”

In the middle of a publishing revolution, it's easy to feel like we're facing new problems and facing them alone. Watching other magazine makers balance journalistic integrity, reach niche markets, and make money gives us hope. There's a way to tell the best stories and make a living doing it.

Independence is beautifully designed with 12 different covers, influenced by each of the magazines in the book, distributed at random. You can pick up a copy from —Danny Gugger