Rapha Randonnée - Day 1

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Newberg to Newport

125 miles - 8,296ft

We departed Newberg in the morning and made our way through the fertile Willamette Valley, passing orchards, vineyards and fields of hops. We eventually made our way into the deeply forested coastal mountain range where our nerves and mechanics were put to the test.

It was hot. It was long. I had spent too much of the night before drinking and being merry and not hydrating enough. Frustration and excitement gripped us as we grasped the handlebars and powered through the rough terrain. We made it through unscathed, but the same could not be said about our tires. 

About halfway through the ride I really began wondering what the hell I was doing. Being a seasoned rider I was no stranger to century rides, yet the cramps in my legs told a different story. I realized at that point that I had not prepared enough. I hadn't worried about hydrating the night before, getting enough sleep, or really anything. In my own excitement I overlooked the fact that I was going to be riding for 9 days in completely different weather and terrain that I trained in.

Miles away, I could see the marina layer covering the coast. My muscles cramped as I pedaled faster to get out of the sun. Cool air and a break from the sun gave us new vigor. Finally we were rushing down the coast with the wind at our back.

*Otter Crest Loop is a southern running, one way road made for hikers, bikers, and small vehicles to get even closer look at the coast. It was a real treat to experience. Many of us took a break on bridge above Rocky Creek and saw a whole picture in the water below.  — Jesse Lenz

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Classic routes and inspiring journeys. 


Inspired by the classic brevets of Europe, Randonnées are point-to-point rides run over seven days. This season, Rapha's journeys pass through Europe, the U.S., and Japan. Averaging 130km of mountainous riding per day, Randonnées are fully supported by soigneurs, mechanics, guides and drivers. Rapha Randonneurs will explore the landscape and culture of their host region, ride challenging terrain and experience the camaraderie of these exceptional adventures.

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