Takk for Hytta

STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY  Lia Pradal and Camille Tallent




At the beginning, we had planned to work for a month as wwoofers at the farm of a 70-year old couple, in small hamlet close to Oslo. Difference of opinions and generational conflict arose after only one week. After a few talks, some trees planted, a lawn-mower broken and window-panes well cleaned, we had decided to escape for the fjords of Sognfjord. This is the summary of three days of our one month trip, in a place where time seemed to pass differently.





08 . 27 . 2014   :  THE ESCAPE AND THE CLIMB

A wobbly tent, some old blankets and two full backpacks – we are in the bus, contemplating the epic landscapes and the deserted roads. Håvard, a sporty guy we met couch-surfing, guides us through the extreme ascent of the Mørkridsdalen valley. He tells us how he is on the way to Osen where he owns a small family cabin. An hour and a half later, we part ways with Håvard. We are alone on this heavenly plain, surrounded by snow-capped mounts, lakes and cabins each one more beautiful than the last.




08 . 28 . 014  :   THE CABIN

We wake up at dawn with a divine light, we walk around the lake, sunbathe, write, explore the plains and the empty cabins. We enjoy every moment with passion, almost disconcerted by this luck we have. It feels like we've been waiting for this our whole life.


08 . 29 . 2014  :  THE LAKE

Besides basking in the sweet landscape, the goal of our day is to swim in the lake. The eternal snows are not far and we have to turn on the wood-burner at night. We know it won't be an easy swim, but we go anyway. Camille stands in the water for sixty seconds; Lia fifteen.


08 . 30 . 2014  :  Back to civilization

We don't want to think about it but today we have to get back to Skjolden and meet Håvard again to give him back the key of the cabin. We make the most of our day, enjoying the last sun rays of a sky that's getting grey. It attempts to comfort us as we leave. Down the mountain, we can't find the words to thank Håvardand he doesn't have much time to talk. 

Takk for hytta, Håvard.

Lia Pradal & Camille Tallent are a french photography and publishing team who create under the name Collectif PAÏEN. They have a passion for  analog pictures and travels. For more from Lia and Camille, visit http://www.collectifpaien.com/