2018 Chico Portfolio Showcase


Last year, The Collective Quarterly hosted a summit for photographers and visual artists a Chico Hot Springs—a remote, remarkable resort just outside Livingston, Montana, and a favorite haunt of celebrities from John Mayer to Jeff Bridges (a.k.a "The Dude").

"Chico is just quintessential Montana," says general manager Colin Davis. "We get the rancher down the road who drops in for a steak and a glass of Jim Beam. Then a bit of Hollywood could show up for a bottle of Sassicaia."


This was the backdrop for our workshop, featuring lectures from TIME magazine, Magnum Photos, Patagonia, WIRED magazine, Bicycling magazine, and more. We talked shop about how to create extraordinary images, how to create intimacy with sources, and how to craft exceptional stories.

"This workshop is such a unique experience, giving everyone a chance to actually sit back and talk and listen and learn from each other," said speaker D.W. Pine, the creative director of TIME magazine. "It’s so rare nowadays to spend that kind of quality time with other creative professionals. There’s nothing else like it."

Each day, we dined together, heard a couple of talks from our speakers, asked questions at a panel discussion, and reviewed each other's portfolios. In our free time, there was no shortage of things to do—from exploring the special town of Livingston to visiting Yellowstone National Park 35 miles away to relaxing in the hot springs with beers in hand.

"As a result of attending the portfolio review my work has been nominated for the Magnum Photos Graduate Award at Photo London," said James Bannister, one of the 2017 attendees. "It was a great boost in terms of making contacts and getting the work in front of the right people."

We're excited to return to Chico in March of 2018, this time with a new crop of speakers (and 12 additional industry professional reviewers). With keynote lectures from Condé Nast Traveler, Todd Hido, TIME magazine, OUT magazine, photojournalist Natalie Keyssar, and artists Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar, we think this year will be the best yet. 

Find out more info and apply here.