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Klamath to Ferndale

90.9 miles - 5,458 feet

Trip notes: We followed some lesser-known side roads through the deep Redwood forests and crossed the mighty Klamath River. Filled with salmon, steelhead, and rainbow trout, it's one of the most important and longest free-flowing stretches of river on the West Coast. We followed in the footsteps of the fur trappers and Gold Rush miners as we made our way to the gateway of the Redwood Empire. We passed through Eureka and continued to the small village of Ferndale.

The first hour of the day we spent riding on an abandoned road that essentially turned into a single-track mountain biking trail. It was a highlight for everyone on the trip. Smiles and laugher ensued.

The closer we got to Eureka, the more we realized it was going to be a struggle. There was a wicked headwind, and we had to pass through a busy urban environment that wasn't exactly friendly to cyclists. We formed a peloton and pushed our way through and into the subsequent farmland.

As we soldiered on, the headwinds became more intense. We were pushing forward at about 25 to 27 mph, each of us solely focused on holding the tire directly in front of our faces. By the time we finally looked up, we were found ourselves riding down the main street of quintessential Ferndale.

As soon as we dismounted, the beer began to flow. — Jesse Lenz



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