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Linville Gorge Part 1

Chris trying to prove he is a better hand model than Seth.

This is what 3k of medium format film looks like.

Seth and Chris, being writers (and wimps) had the lightest packs of the group...but guess who cried the most by the end :D

Ya...this was steep. Even for experienced hikers, this was no joke.


Panty Party

Velvet Lining

*TIP you can carry an entire roll of duct tape on a trekking pole. As soon as your feet get a hotspot on them, tape it up, and you feel like your walking on clouds!

Trail Wife duty...pumping water.

Hammock City

This post was from the first few days of our back packing trip to Linville Gorge with Danner.

See Polished version here. 

Some gear we took