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The Collective Quarterly is published by a small team of storytellers who are scattered among several cities across the United States. We're excited to accept your pitches about uncommon people, places, and things. These can take the form of:

reported pieces

character Profiles

   Example:    Eduardo Garcia   

Eduardo Garcia


   Example:   Kevin Russ   

Kevin Russ

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pitch Guidelines

Keep in mind that each issue is based around one place, so pitches for the print edition should have an anchor in that location. Pitches for the website, however, can focus on anywhere in the world. We welcome completed manuscripts that range from 300 to 800 words in length, unless we’re working together on a special project that features in-depth reporting. Creative fiction about a place or journey is also welcome.

Please submit properly sourced, original work only—that hasn’t been previously published elsewhere.  If you’re proposing an idea for a story that hasn’t been completed, please keep your pitch brief and structured the following way:

1. Headline
2. The “nut graph”: What is the story about?
3. Why now? Why is the story significant?
4. How will you structure this story?
5. What visuals can you provide?

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