What if who we are is every person we meet, 
every experience we have, and every place we go?


we tell true stories to people who delight in the uncommon.

The Collective is a media and publishing company dedicated to documenting the life and work of those living purposefully. We’re constantly putting ourselves in the way of great things. Every choice we make centers around being able to experience more, go deeper, and communicate more clearly.

Whether employing words, photographs, or film, The Collective adheres to the most basic rule of reporting: always go.  


THE Magazine

Call us crazy, but we believe print is the soul of media.

It’s an ancient medium—and it’s true that it’s no longer ideal for news—but now more than ever, people are gravitating in droves toward beautiful, tangible stories about uncommon people and places. It's a desire shared by every person on our team, which is why we combined our individual editorial expertise and published the first issue of the magazine.

The Collective Quarterly is a magazine about discovery. Our team journeys to one location per issue, where we utilize slow journalism to drill deep into the bedrock of history and character that makes a place what it is. When we travel, we’re trying to chronicle the essence of a region during a moment in time.


Our Family and Friends


Our team is made up of a close tight-knit collection of talented editorial professionals, unified by the core conviction that quality work comes from passion. “The Collective” is not just our editorial team; it includes our sources and our audience, too.

We’re bound by the Sir Ernest Shackleton school of thought: “Men wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.”