What To Expect



Each day will include breakfast, a morning lecture from one of our speakers, lunch, a panel discussion, daily portfolio reviews, and free time. Each attendee will have a 25-minute portfolio review with each of our six panel members. Over the course of three days, you'll spend time reviewing your work and gaining insight from our featured speakers and Collective Quarterly staff. In your free time, there is no shortage of things to do from exploring the special town of Livingston to visiting Yellowstone National Park 35 miles away to relaxing in the hot springs with beer in hand.


You'll eat well at Chico Hot Springs. There's a dining room, cocktail lounge, saloon, and diner on premise, and we'll provide you with three square meals a day. "Chico is just quintessential Montana," says general manager Colin Davis. "We get the rancher down the road who drops in for a steak and a glass of Jim Beam. Then a bit of Hollywood could show up for a bottle of Sassicaia." And if you're so inclined, the nearby town of Livingston is a draw for artists and celebrities alike, with more restaurants, cafés and saloons than you'll be able to visit in your three days in Montana. 



We've reserved 45 private rooms on the 150-acre property. Room sizes and amenities differ, and we're offering them on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you've been accepted to the program and paid your deposit, we'll contact you with a list of rooms available for you to choose from. Activities at Chico start at its steamy natural hot springs, with two open-air pools averaging 96 and 103 degrees year-round. The Yellowstone River and surrounding spring creeks that slice through the wide-open glacial valley are fly fishing meccas during warmer months.