What To Expect


Hands-on Work

This is a course for self-starters. Our team has been embedded in the area for months and will give you the lay of the land. But it’s up to you to find potential stories you might be able to spend the week on. We recommend having a car for accessing stories and subjects along the coast. Part of your assignment is access: You may meet your subject at their place of business, but it's important to establish a rapport that allows you to document their home life, what they’re like around town, and more.


Each day, you’ll have the chance to go over your take with your edit team. They’ll provide feedback on your work, unpack what you’ve done well, and make recommendations about what to look for during your next session with your subjects. Attendees will also have the chance to share their work with each other and brainstorm possible approaches together. By the end of one week working with your edit team, you’ll have developed a complete photo story that’s fit for publication. 



Our goal is to facilitate meaningful connections between photographers and editors—as well as a sense of community and support among your fellow attendees. We believe that a vibrant and friendly community leads only to better work and better opportunities for all of us. We want to do everything we can to bring stability to our profession—to serve as a resource, to help hone each other's craft, and to raise our collective game.